Hello everyone!

Welcome to the new and improved Ren’s Random Sports Blog, the go-to place to discover my random thoughts on all things sport.

I started this blog on wordpress.com, but have now moved it to wordpress.org to make it more accessible.

The blog is still the same quirky mix of musings, ramblings, rantings and ravings (along with the aforementioned alliterations!) from this passionate fan on all things sport. Now you also have some nice pics to go with them.

It’s also the place where I wax lyrical and critical about my sporting favourites. You may have noticed a liking for Manchester United, Andy Murray and Lewis Hamilton, among others.

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Hope you enjoy the new site, and as always, feel free to post comments (nothing offensive, please) or get in touch via the contact form.

Random Towers


Hello, dear Readers, and welcome to my Random Thoughts on Sports Blog, where you can peruse the random ramblings and meandering musings of a self-confessed sports nut (and too enthusiastically enamoured of alliterations!) on an idiosyncratic array of sport for you to delight in, or disagree with, at your will.

Please feel free to add any comments that you have on anything on this site.