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Footballers Feign Fouls As Refs Punish Honesty

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It is a scourge of modern football that unites the bitterest of rival fans in universal condemnation: player simulation. Powerful, muscular men collapsing waif-like in an enervated heap pretending to be gravely wounded in Oscar-worthy performances that would put the world’s greatest thespians to shame.

The latest spectacle was on show last weekend when Tottenham’s Son Heung-min channelled his inner Laurence Olivier after United’s Scott McTominay had the temerity to brush off Son’s encroaching arm with … Read the rest

India Bat And Bowl Their Way to Victory

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Virat Kohli defied the law of averages by losing the toss yet again – don’t let that man near a casino! – but who needs the advantage of a toss win when you captain a team as good as India? As they aptly demonstrated in the final two matches of the T20I series against England, overturning a 2-1 deficit into a memorable 3-2 win, they are just as capable of setting a massive target and … Read the rest

It Really Is About The Bowling People

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In my previous blog post on Tuesday (waddya mean you didn’t read it, why not?!), after India had won the second T20I against England in Ahmedabad, I concluded rather presciently:

‘On to round 3. It would be disappointing if this match was also won by the toss-winning team, but given Virat Kohli’s penchant for losing tosses – he’s lost 4 out of 6 so far – England should go in as favourites, not because they are Read the rest

It’s About The Bowling, People

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Win toss, win match.

The second T20I match between India and England in Ahmedabad neatly flipped the narrative of the first; in this case, India won the toss, they chased, they won comprehensively. No doubt there will follow a plethora of pompous posturing on how India are world beaters and where England went wrong, mirroring the plethora of pompous posturing that followed the first match on how England were world beaters and where India went wrong.… Read the rest

Survival Of Test Cricket More Important Than India’s Ego

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After losing the toss and subsequently being drubbed by England in the first Test, it was inevitable that India would throw their toys out of the pram and produce rank turners for the following matches. Two wretched dust bowls where the ball turned from day one equalled two wins.

Congratulations, India. You showed the cricketing world that you play spin better on spinning pitches at home than England. No shit, Sherlock. But what about the cricket? … Read the rest

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