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Super Sporting Saturday

multi-sports-pic credit Dr J Pieter Hommen

Can you have too much of a good thing? No? Thought not.

It was going to be sporting overload this weekend – what a contrast from last year when the only summer sport in sight was a bit of test cricket in a bubble. Better too much than too little.

The drawback of being a multi-sports fan as opposed to a single or dual-sports buff is how to follow it all. There weren’t enough devices here at Random Towers for the full array of sports … Read the rest

New Blog Site!

Ren's Random Sports Blog Banner

Hello everyone!

Just to let you know I have moved Ren’s Random Sports Blog from wordpress.com to wordpress.org to make it more accessible.

The blog is still the same quirky mix of musings, ramblings, rantings and ravings (along with the aforementioned alliterations!) from this passionate fan on all things sport. Now you also have some nice pics to go with them.

It’s also the place where I wax lyrical and critical about my sporting favourites. You may have noticed a liking for Manchester United, … Read the rest