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The Olympics: Reflections

~ For those bleating on about the lack of legacy after London 2012, take a look at the Rio medals table.  That is the true legacy of London 2012.  The Olympics are first and foremost about sport.  They are not a panacea for the social ills of the host country.  That has never been the remit of the Olympics.  The Olympic Games are a sports festival.  And that’s it.  If the Olympics achieve anything more that’s a bonus.  So long as they don’t leave the … Read the rest

The Olympics: Day 16

This is the end.  Where has the two weeks gone?  It started a little slowly, with much negativity – drugs controversies, political crises, organisational difficulties, low expectations, and an underwhelming start by Team GB.  All a little lukewarm, until Team GB won their first gold medal with Adam Peaty in the 100m breaststroke, and then whoosh!  The medal rush began.  And kept going.  And kept going.  Through Sensational Sunday and Triumphant Tuesday, and every other day, the medals kept coming.  Shock golds – Max Whitlock … Read the rest

The Olympics: Day 15

Canoe Sprint K1 200m:  Last night finished on a bitter note.  Lutalo Muhammad losing the taekwondo final in the last second sucked.  It should have been GB’s 25th gold.  It was in the bag and we got pick pocketed.  Ah well, shrug shoulders, and on to the next one.  11 hours of hurt later we had our 25th gold.  The K1 200m sprint is like the 100m in athletics.  It’s a dash for the line, so getting a good start is vital.  So, naturally, GB’s … Read the rest

The Olympics: Day 14

Showjumping:  We must beat China, we must beat China.  This was not about winning the showjumping.  It was about staying ahead of China in the medals table.  The pressure was on.  But Nick Skelton and Big Star weren’t feeling any.  A tremendous clear round in the final, to follow their earlier one in the qualification, plus inside the time, and they were sitting at the top.  Skelton had been the first one of the clears from qualification to jump, so could now put his feet … Read the rest

The Olympics: Day 13

Kayak Double 200m:  After a brief hiatus yesterday to allow our Chinese friends to catch up in the medals table – we do want to make this a fair fight – Team GB were back to their medal winning ways.  First up, the kayak double.  In London four years ago, Jon Schofield and Liam Heath had the silver nicked from them right on the line by the fast finishing Belarusians.  So this time, if anyone was going to be doing any Artful Dodger impersonations, it … Read the rest

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