Wales showed England how to do it.  England drew 0-0 against Slovakia; Wales beat them 2-1.  England drew 1-1 against Russia; Wales destroyed them 3-0.  Slovakia had also showed up the Russians for the poor team they were, with a dominant 2-1 win over them.  Only England struggled to put an ageing and insipid Russian team away.

Wales are of course fortunate to be blessed by one truly world class player in Gareth Bale, but they also have another quality England appear to lack: team spirit.  Wales are not a one man team.  Every player has played his part in helping Wales to top the group.  As a result, Wales are deservedly in the slightly favourable side of the last 16 draw, which is populated by dark horses such as Croatia and Belgium, with the big guns in England’s half of the draw.  Wales now have a great chance to progress to the quarter-finals.  Is the Welsh dragon ready to breath fire on these Euros?