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My Dad’s tip for the Grand National

Drum roll.  Dramatic Pause.  Here it comes.  The horse that’s going to win the 2016 Grand National is……The Last Samuri.  Get your money on it.  It’s got form.  It loves the ground.  It’s well handicapped.  The trainer and jockey are a stellar combination.  What could possibly go wrong?  Well, apart from the small matter of 30 4ft 6 in+ fences and a seemingly endless, energy draining run-in, my dad is a notorious betting jinx.  This is someone who, back in 1986, put his money on the legendary Dancing Brave, the firm favourite, to win the Derby.  The Derby that the legendary Dancing Brave, the firm favourite, infamously went on to lose by a whisker.  Most people blamed the jockey, Greville Starkey, with my dad convinced the defeated jockey had been nobbled, but, of course, I knew that the real culprit had been my dad, who had put a curse on the great horse by betting on him.  Over the years many a hot favourite has fallen by the wayside – literally and metaphorically, a hapless victim of my dad’s betting jinx.  Therefore, usually, the wisest thing to do is to ask my Dad who his money’s on and then avoid said horse like the plague. 🙂


  1. moggycat

    Colin says if Dad had gone each way on The Last Samuri he would have won!

  2. rensrandomsportsblog

    Then the horse would probably have fallen at the last! Dad’s betting jinx is very powerful – I wonder if it works in other sports? I must get him to put some money on the Scousers….;)

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