Pep 2 Jose 1.

Er, I mean United 1 City 2.

United are not a morning team.  We don’t do early kick offs.  United looked half asleep in the first 45 minutes like indolent teenagers who had been dragged out of bed to go to school.  That can be the only explanation for the lacklustre play and dozy defending that led to both City goals.  And then there was the obligatory dodgy refereeing denying United a penalty when Wayne Rooney was fouled by panicky debutant City keeper Claudio Bravo in the penalty area.  Anyway, it’s way too early in the season and United never come good till after Christmas.

There.  I have got that out of the way.

Back to reality.  City were simply better.

There.  I have got that out of the way too.

First to every ball.  Passing it with easy precision like Barcelona Mark II.  Fluid in movement, creative in imagination, obdurate in defence.  Welcome to Manchester, Pep.

Manchester City have struck it lucky.  The have nabbed the best coach in the world.  The rest of us can only watch with envy and try not to let the green eyed monster consume us.

Still, what a great match.  Thrilling end to end action.  Both teams going hell for leather for the win.  No fear football.  What a contrast from the turgid European Championships where cynical negativity from wimpy teams too scared of losing to venture out of their own half ruined the tournament as a spectacle.  Anyone wondering why the Premier League gets so much hype and why fans care more about their clubs than international football should watch this match.

Premier League 1 International Football 0.