multi-sports-pic credit Dr J Pieter Hommen

Can you have too much of a good thing? No? Thought not.

It was going to be sporting overload this weekend – what a contrast from last year when the only summer sport in sight was a bit of test cricket in a bubble. Better too much than too little.

The drawback of being a multi-sports fan as opposed to a single or dual-sports buff is how to follow it all. There weren’t enough devices here at Random Towers for the full array of sports taking place! It was going to be a juggling act. And then there was the annoying inconvenience of having to, erm, brush, shower, eat, exit the sports cave now and again to let the world know of one’s existence. Pah, unimportant. Let’s get to the sport, I mean sports.

Super Sporting Saturday began at 10.30 am with the cricket, with not one but two test matches taking place. The men’s World Test Championship final between New Zealand and India finally got under way at Southampton after a complete washout on Friday, while at Bristol, it was the final day of the women’s test match between England and India.

At 11 am, the first of the day’s two tennis tournaments began, with the women playing the quarter-finals and semi-finals at the WTA Birmingham Classic. An hour later, the men’s tournament at Queens Club commenced with the remaining quarter-final to be completed, followed by the semi-finals.

There was barely time for lunch before it was 2 pm. Time for the first of the day’s four – yes, we had gone from two cricket matches and two tennis tournaments to four – football matches. Three Euro 2020 matches and one Copa America match to come. Are you keeping up? I am not sure I was.

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The first Euro 2020 match of the day was Hungary v France. Oh, and the F1 qualifying for the French Grand Prix was starting at the same time! Help! I needed more devices. Actually, I needed more eyes as I didn’t know which sport to pay attention to on which device.

At 5 pm, the second Euro 2020 match between Portugal and Germany kicked off. An hour later, it was time to tune in to the golf, for round 3 of the US Open, otherwise known as moving day.

Then, it was back to the football at 7 pm, this time for the Copa America match between Argentina and Uruguay, and then the last Euro 2020 match, the 8 pm kick-off between Spain and Poland. Somewhere in between, there may have been a brief window for dinner.

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Finally, at 10 pm in the evening, it was down to just one sport – golf. Till 2.30 in the morning. Yikes! I think I may have become stuck to my seating, I have been here so long.

Not much point in moving. Weekend Part II is going to start again tomorrow. I mean today. With the cricket at Southampton. At 10.30 am…