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Footballers Feign Fouls As Refs Punish Honesty

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It is a scourge of modern football that unites the bitterest of rival fans in universal condemnation: player simulation. Powerful, muscular men collapsing waif-like in an enervated heap pretending to be gravely wounded in Oscar-worthy performances that would put the world’s greatest thespians to shame.

The latest spectacle was on show last weekend when Tottenham’s Son Heung-min channelled his inner Laurence Olivier after United’s Scott McTominay had the temerity to brush off Son’s encroaching arm with … Read the rest

Who’d be a football referee?

Do footballers harbour a secret longing to be thespians?  Modern footballers give such convincing Oscar-worthy performances in surreptitiously manhandling their opponents and theatrically conning referees into giving them decisions, they put real actors to shame.  Is it any surprise then that their mendacious antics should result in frustratingly inconsistent refereeing, as occurred in Sunday’s controversial encounter between Leicester and West Ham at the King Power Stadium, where the hapless referee Jon Moss was slated for his performance.

First, he incurred the wrath of the home … Read the rest