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England Wrong to Select Marcus Rashford for Euro 2020

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Foresight is a gift rarely bestowed.

England’s failure to win the Euro 2020 final against Italy at Wembley has sparked fierce criticism and recriminations about the team’s management.

While it’s easy to be Ron Manager making retrospective pronouncements from the comfort of one’s sofa on what should have been done better to achieve the right result, one decision taken by the England management defies common sense: why Marcus Rashford was there on the night playing the … Read the rest

Southgate’s Practical Approach Paying Dividends For England

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How’s the head the day after the night before?

So what was your hangover cure? The raw eggs? The full English? The 8am Zoom meeting? More alcohol? All of the above?

Or are you still a bit dazed and confused and wondering whether it was all a hazy alcoholic dream? Well, it probably was an alcoholic haze, but it was not a dream – this time. It was all true. England did beat Germany in a … Read the rest