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The Man Utd Paradox: Football Success Equals Glazers In

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You have a season ticket because you love your club.

You wear the shirt because you love your club.

You want to win trophies because you love your club.

You want the Glazers out because you love your club.

Only the Glazers aren’t going anywhere because the club remains so profitable for them.

£125 million. That’s how much the Glazer family have made personally out of Manchester United Football Club. Why would they sell a club … Read the rest

Why Football Fans Must Keep Protesting For Change

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In the aftermath of the European Super League debacle, football fans have continued to protest against their club’s greedy owners, particularly at Old Trafford, where the antipathy of Manchester United fans towards the Glazer family is, unsurprisingly, virulent.

Fans must keep agitating for representation at board level if they want meaningful change. Even the introduction of an independent regular for football, as demanded by Gary Neville and his fellow footballers, won’t be sufficient to … Read the rest