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Follow The Tours Tennis Podcast E21

🎙️Latest Follow The Tours Tennis Podcast E21🎙️

🌟 Karen Self and Ren Soni discuss: 🌟

🎾 The latest concerning Peng Shuai: her ‘reappearance’, the IOC’s involvement, hidden agendas and why comparisons with the Alexander Zverev case are unhelpful;

🎾 Novak Djokovic on challenging the status quo and fighting for better redistribution of prize money;

🎾 As new rules on toilet breaks for players are introduced – don’t fans need toilet breaks too?!

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The Olympics: Reflections

~ For those bleating on about the lack of legacy after London 2012, take a look at the Rio medals table.  That is the true legacy of London 2012.  The Olympics are first and foremost about sport.  They are not a panacea for the social ills of the host country.  That has never been the remit of the Olympics.  The Olympic Games are a sports festival.  And that’s it.  If the Olympics achieve anything more that’s a bonus.  So long as they don’t leave the … Read the rest