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The Olympics: Day 9

Gymnastics:  Forget Super Saturday.  That’s so four years ago.  In Rio 2016, it’s all about Sensational Sunday.  Gold!  Gold!  Gold!  Max Whitlock Olympic Champion!  Now, we at Random Towers did say that young Max had the look of an Olympic champion about him, but that was on the pommel.  A floor medal was a possibility as he is the world silver medallist, bur with the Japanese Kenzo Shirai being able to throw out quadruple twists, a silver was the most that could have been expected.  … Read the rest

The Olympics: Day 3

Gymnastics:  Gutted.  Gutted.  Gutted.  They say 4th is the worst place to finish at the Olympics, and it’s true.  After two back to back bronzes for Team GB earlier on, it seemed certain that the gymnastics boys would add to the tally, but it would require a couple of monster scores on the final apparatus, the Pommel Horse, from Max Whitlock and Louis Smith.  Louis, who had waited all evening for his turn on his specialist apparatus, rightly went for it, with a crazily difficult … Read the rest

The Olympics: Day 1

After all the hoo-ha, the criticisms, the controversies, the protests, and the cheesy opening ceremony, the sport finally got underway.  Over the two weeks of sporting action, celebration, controversy, criticism, protests (you know its all gonna happen) and many cheesy moments (definitely gonna happen), yours truly at Random Towers will attempt to post snippets of random observations, reflections and ramblings on any sporting action or otherwise that takes my fancy.  So here goes.  On your marks, get set, er gooooooooooo…

Shooting:  The first gold medal … Read the rest