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Jon Rahm’s Karmic Victory at the US Open

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Golf is a sport governed by the gods.

There seems to come a moment at each Major when the heavens open up and a hand of the golfing gods descends and points the finger of fate to the chosen one.

At the Masters back in April, that chosen moment had came early, during the third round on Saturday when literal clouds gathered ominously over Augusta and a rainstorm stopped play. At that point, Japan’s Hideki … Read the rest

What’s wrong with being lucky?

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There’s a well-known old proverb that it is better to be born lucky than rich.  But in sport, luck is a dirty word.  To dare suggest that someone might have got a tad lucky on their way to wining is tantamount to insulting both their ability and their work ethic.  Such temerity is brusquely dismissed with sarcastic ripostes such as the famous quote attributed to 9 time Major winning golfer Gary Player: “The harder I practice, … Read the rest