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The Olympics: Day 7

Rowing:  You fly halfway around the world to a tropical paradise and instead of getting blazing sunshine, you end up with weather resembling a wet and windy autumnal day out in Bognor.  So naturally the Brits felt right at home!  GB may be pretty good on bikes, but we are not so bad in boats either.  Some of our rowers have been as dominant in their discipline as the track cyclists.  Britain demonstrated their prowess in emphatic style, winning back to back golds within 20 … Read the rest

The Olympics: Day 6

Rowing:  After a glut of bronzes and a couple of golds yesterday, there was one colour of medal missing.  That oversight was rectified early today when Katherine Grainger and Vicky Thornley won silver in the double sculls.  They had been leading the race and the gold looked a possibility but the Polish boat slowly inched past them towards the end to win by 0.95 secs.  If coming 4th is the worst possible place, then surely silver must be the most bittersweet position.  Is it a … Read the rest

The Olympics: Day 4

Diving:  There was only one topic of conversation – no, not China’s endless domination of the sport, nor Tom Daley’s swimming trunks (this was the ladies’ synchro platform diving), but the remarkably green colour of the diving pool, which had mysteriously morphed into grimy shade of pond.  Quickly dubbed Pool-Gate, no official explanations were offered to baffled onlookers, though many plausible and implausible reasons were suggested, including the most likely that the chlorine levels had been low overnight, causing algae to grow and turn the … Read the rest