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The Olympics: Day 2

Women’s Road Race:  A lot of hypocritical bleating about Lizzie Armistead’s participation in the race after getting cleared at the last minute by CAS over 3 missed tests.  Cycling is a sport where nearly all its top racers have been tainted by drugs to the point where I am not sure most fans believe anybody is clean, so all this whinging just comes across as sanctimonious.  Missing 3 drugs tests (reduced to 2 on appeal) is a minor infringement compared to what many top cyclists … Read the rest

The Olympics: Day 1

After all the hoo-ha, the criticisms, the controversies, the protests, and the cheesy opening ceremony, the sport finally got underway.  Over the two weeks of sporting action, celebration, controversy, criticism, protests (you know its all gonna happen) and many cheesy moments (definitely gonna happen), yours truly at Random Towers will attempt to post snippets of random observations, reflections and ramblings on any sporting action or otherwise that takes my fancy.  So here goes.  On your marks, get set, er gooooooooooo…

Shooting:  The first gold medal … Read the rest

No Road to Rio for Rory McIlroy

So, R-Mac says it as it is.  Yes, it was blunt.  Some of it was rather unwise.  But most of it was true.  Golf has no place in the Olympics.

Rory McIlroy, along with all true sports fans, will be watching “the stuff that matters” at the Olympics.  Like the running, and the swimming, the fencing and the throwing, the shooting, the canoeing, the tumbling and the rowing.  Proper, traditional Olympic sports where winning an Olympic medal is the pinnacle of achievement.  That should be … Read the rest