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Follow The Tours Tennis Podcast E20

🎙️Latest Follow The Tours Tennis Podcast E20🎙️

🌟 Another hard-hitting episode in which Karen Self and Ren Soni discuss: 🌟

🎾 The murky relationship between tennis and betting.

🎾 Controlling fan behaviour – who umpires the umpire?

🎾 The welfare of Chinese player Peng Shuai and the ethics of sports globalization.

🎾 USA gymnastics – a cautionary tale for parents of aspiring athletes.

Join us 👇

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Follow the Tours Tennis Podcast E8 Tokyo 2020 Olympics Special

I was happy to be invited back to join Karen Helf of Follow the Tours Tennis Podcast for an Olympics special continuing the discussion on player welfare – or the lack of in Tokyo! – no ranking points; the need for fan and media objectivity re Novak Djokovic; more governance concerns, and the implications of trial by public opinion.

To listen to the podcast, please click below:


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Follow the Tours Tennis Podcast E7

I was delighted to be invited to join Karen Helf of Follow the Tours Tennis Podcast to discuss pertinent issues regarding tennis governance and how the game can serve the players and fans better.

Topics discussed included player welfare, within the context of Naomi Osaka’s dramatic withdrawal from the French Open; the struggles of lower-level players to make ends meet and the need for better distribution of revenue; the responsibilities of governing bodies and inherent conflicts of interest and the formation of the PTPA, the … Read the rest