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What’s wrong with being lucky?

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There’s a well-known old proverb that it is better to be born lucky than rich.  But in sport, luck is a dirty word.  To dare suggest that someone might have got a tad lucky on their way to wining is tantamount to insulting both their ability and their work ethic.  Such temerity is brusquely dismissed with sarcastic ripostes such as the famous quote attributed to 9 time Major winning golfer Gary Player: “The harder I practice, … Read the rest

Jordan’s Tin Cup moment

When I watched the golfing film ‘Tin Cup’ for the first time, I thought the ending was ridiculous.   Typically clueless Hollywood sentimentality.  No professional golfer in real life would ever be foolish enough to throw away a Major at the death in such stubbornly slipshod fashion.  That was until I watched life imitate Hollywood at Carnoustie in 1999 where Jean Van de Velde did his best Oscar-worthy imitation of Kevin Kostner in nonchalantly blowing a 3-shot lead at the 18th hole by recklessly finding the … Read the rest

Masters not done yet

Since my previous post, it would seem Jordan Spieth is fallible after all, or rather the blustery Augusta wind has rendered him human and enabled a fast finishing Rory Mcllroy to get within one shot of his lead.  Like I said, sport thrives on rivalries and they don’t come any bigger than golf’s two young guns going club to club in the final group in the penultimate round of the Masters.  Let’s hope the two Major winning stars are able to live up to their … Read the rest

Is Jordan Spieth the Novak Djokovic of golf?

Just like Novak Djokovic, Jordan Spieth is  precise, consistent and unflappable under pressure.  The quality of his golf is undoubtedly admirable, but is it fun to watch?  Sport thrives on the drama of intense rivalries and human fallibility, and sporting dominance is only revered when delivered in emphatic style by a big personality like a Muhammad Ali, a Tiger Woods or a Roger Federer.  Otherwise it’s just plain boring.  Let’s hope for the sake of this year’s Masters – many people’s favourite golf tournament – … Read the rest