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Follow The Tours Tennis Podcast E12 US Open Special Part 2

Latest Follow the Tours tennis podcast US Open round-up. Join Karen Self and me as we discuss:

🎾 Emma Raducanu’s win and her dad’s unorthodox coaching philosophy;

🎾 Novak finally gets what he’s craved for years;

🎾 New York’s infamous fans get rowdy again;

🎾 Diede De Groot wins the Golden Slam;

🎾 Most memorable matches, and more.

Click the link below: 👇

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Follow The Tours Tennis Podcast E11 US Open Special Part 1

Dream teen final – how Emma Raducanu hurtled from qualifier to finalist; Leylah Fernandez’s remarkable composure to become a top player slayer; mens predictions; young player welfare as Naomi Osaka takes another break from tennis; knee-jerk media judgement; idiosyncratic logo rules, and more. Join the Follow the Tours crew, Karen Helf and myself,  as we discuss the latest from a dramatic US Open by clicking below:

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Andy Murray Quite Contrary

Andy Murray is perverse.  When you think he going to breeze through a match, he makes a song and dance of it.  When you think it’s going to be hard going, he cruises through looking like the best player in the world.  When you think it’s going to be tough but he will come through because he usually does, he confounds expectation by going out.

What to make of his quarter-final match against Kei Nishikori at the US Open?  Andy has marshmallows for brains sometimes.  … Read the rest

Dustin’s Done, Dusted and Docked

What was astonishing about Dustin Johnson’s US Open victory on Sunday wasn’t that he actually got his hands on a major at last, nor that yet again he was involved in a controversial incident that saw him docked a stroke, nor even that the USGA were utterly incompetent in their administration of the rules; but that nobody – players, pundits, officials and golfing journos – was aware that the golfing rules on moving balls had changed earlier in the year.  Everyone kept blathering on about … Read the rest